About Us

The lawyers at Volz & Vigliotta, PLLC are dedicated to providing thorough, responsive and professional legal services to the firm’s educational and municipal clients. Schools, libraries and municipalities have unique needs due to the dynamic and often quite public nature of their work.

Diligent counsel helps our clients navigate the uncertainties and complexities that can arise when faced with disciplinary matters, difficult contract negotiations, taxpayer concerns, claims of discrimination and injury, and other legal challenges.

We understand that timely response, thorough investigation and finely tuned research is the key to expedient conflict resolution. Whether through skilled negotiation or litigation and trial, Volz & Vigliotta, PLLC is dedicated to its clients’ needs every step of the way.

A Message from Our Founder

Our Proud History, and Bright Future

Beginning in 2010, I founded this firm with a vision of preserving personal attention and trust as the cornerstones of the relationship between attorney and client. We believe this firm provides a unique combination of depth of experience which comes from a concentration and devotion to education and municipal law, with the personal attention, care and continuity only possible with a smaller firm.

We are committed to providing prompt, personal attention for our clients’ legal issues.  Our answers are comprehensive, and the work is done with the kind of efficiency necessary to keep your costs down.

Thomas M. Volz

Managing Partner