Practice Areas

Our Areas of Expertise

Volz & Vigliotta, PLLC is dedicated to providing in-depth legal services in a wide array of areas affecting school districts, libraries, and other governmental entities.

Representing school districts, libraries and other municipalities in all matters relating to the operation of its governmental functions.
Representing and providing counsel to school districts, libraries and other municipalities in matters involving unions, employees and the workplace.
Assisting and guiding school districts through the process of providing legally defensible special education services.
Defending schools and municipalities in matters litigated in state and federal courts and before administrative tribunals.
Defending our municipal clients from claims of discrimination based upon sex, gender, race, religion and relationship status in the workplace, housing and education contexts.
Providing guidance and counsel to Municipal Boards and officials in their legislative and executive capacities.
Assisting school districts, libraries and other municipalities through all phases of the construction process.
Advising health plans concerning the provision of health insurance to its members.

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